Antenatal Classes

When it comes to antenatal classes, you are spoilt for choice. Most NHS Trusts run regular antenatal classes - called parentcraft - usually at the hospital itself that are run by midwives. Below are some alternatives. The National Childbirth Trust is probably the best known organisation to run antenatal classes for which their teachers are specifically trained.

Antenatal Classes Online Resources

National Childbirth Trust
The National Childbirth Trust runs antenatal classes throughout the United Kingdom. These classes are led by trained antenatal teachers and are usually small and informal, often hosted at the teacher's home. Because classes are local, the teachers will be familiar with local maternity services and can tailor their classes to available facilities. In some areas classes can be oversubscribed, so it is a good idea to book early. Prices vary as each local branch is free to set their own price structure.Visit the NCT site to find your nearest branch and class dates.
See a video about NCT classes on

Baby Dolly

At Baby Dolly we can offer wide range of antenatal courses to suit  
everyones requirements and pocket.  Our courses start from as little  
as £20 and include Early Pregnancy workshops, 5 week antenatal  
courses, weekend Labour Days and also Resuscitation and first aid  
courses. We also run weekly baby massage sessions in Leicestershire  
and Warwickshire. Baby Dolly - The truth about birth., 01455 441036

Birth Journey 

We are Irene, Lesley and Jane, three midwives with many years experience in all aspects of midwifery. Based in Standish, Lancs., we aim to educate and empower you and your companion in your decision making by sharing skills and giving realistic evidence based information on which to base your birth journey 


BirthMother is run by Kirsten Boustred, a fully qualified Antenatal Educaton in County Durham. She runs antenatal workshops, pregnancy exercise classes, refresher courses and one on one sessions as well. 


We are Irene, Lesley and Jane, three midwives with many years experience in all aspects of midwifery. Based in Standish, Lancs., we aim to educate and empower you and your companion in your decision making by sharing skills and giving realistic evidence based information on which to base your birth journey choices. 
Choose from Gentle Birth 's residential weekend courses available at luxury spa venues in Kent and Sussex, weekend non-residential and evening classes offered at various locations in the South-east or one-to-one courses available in the privacy of your own home taught by practising midwives. The courses are tailor-made to your requirements but essentially involve five sections: Gentle you, Gentle labour, Gentle birth, Gentle baby, Gentle changes. The final section sounds very helpful as it relates to your changing relationships with those close to you and discussing this beforehand can help you understand and anticipate potential issues.
The Natal Hypnotherapy workshops focus exclusively on what you can do to help yourself have the most positive birth experience, regardless of the type of birth you are planning. Whether you want a natural water birth at home or are open to having an epidural in your local hospital, what you learn on these workshops will give you the confidence and ability to work with you body no matter what your birth choices are. Complements other antenatal classes. From just £95 per person. Locations throughout Britain. Book online at or call 01428 712615.
HypnoBirthing® - The Mongan Method is a comprehensive antenatal preparation course that teaches women and their birth partners about natural, active birth and effective ways to achieve a beneficial state of confidence and deep relaxation throughout, by using effective self-hypnosis and breathing techniques. Research finds that hypnosis in pregnancy can lead to shorter, more comfortable births and less medical intervention. Group classes and private sessions are held by over 350 qualified practitioners all around the United Kingdom, who are a mixture of hypnotherapists, midwives, doulas and HypnoBirthing mothers.
Practical Parent
Practical Parent offers complete antenatal and parenting courses run by qualified healthcare professionals including midwives childrens nurses and nursery nurses. A weekend course enables couples to have the first day fully focussed upon the labour and birth with day two catering for life after the birth. This evenly divided course structure is unique and the range of expertise on hand to advise is impressive providing a fully supported education base. Courses are held in Stratford upon avon, Wetherby and the New Forest and they recommend you attend after your 36th week of pregnancy. 

The Birth Fairy Doula

Enjoy a 1:1 antenatal class with qualified Doula Alison Woolley, based in Lee-on-Solent. For more information go

SafeStart Ante Natal Courses

SafeStart offer Couples Antenatal Classes in Leicestershire and are run by a qualified and experienced practising midwife also incorporating advice on Child accident prevention and Home Safety from a qualified safety professional.These one day courses run at weekends for parents with limited time to attend a weekly class. The courses aim to cover all aspects of labour and birth including home birth and water birth. T: 07905 909106
mindful Mamma
Mindful Mamma® one day class
A popular one day class focused on preparing you for a natural, gentle birth using your mind. During this workshop, you will learn how your state of mind affects your hormones, your baby and your birth. Learn how to harness the power of the mind using tried and tested psychology and hypnosis techniques for achieving deep, effective relaxation for pregnancy and birth. Dads matter too. This class focuses on dads, by teaching you how to be an effective part of the birth process - not just a spare part. Devised by experts, delivered by experts. All our practitioners are hand picked for their experience, training and their ability because we know that you want to feel safe and secure, in the hands of absolute professionals. Go to find out more, or phone us on 0845 508 2539.

Ellie Hill Yoga

Ellie Hill Pregnancy Yoga. Every Thursday 6.15-7.30pm. Effingham Junction, KT24. Contact Ellie for an application form at yoga @ (remove spaces), 01483 285400
Combining classic postures, rhythmical movements and sequences, integrated with breath awareness, visualization techniques, and sound practices. Yoga is widely recommended by midwives and doctors: Practise mental and physical preparation for labour, natural pain management techniques, breathing techniques, positions for labour, relaxation and visualisation, relief from backache and other discomforts of pregnancy, active birth information, bond with your unborn baby and meet other mums.
Bumps to Babies offers Antenatal and Postnatal Yogacise and Baby Yoga classes, childbirth preparation classes and birth workshops in and around Cambridge and Ely. Antenatal Yogacise classes are suitable from 16 – 42 weeks of pregnancy and Postnatal classes from 6 weeks post-natally. Childbirth preparation classes and workshops focus on physical skills for birth, breathing and relaxation as well as covering the progress of labour and parenting

Dawn Abbatt - Active Birth Class

I offer Active Birth Classes which are a unique mix of pregnancy yoga and antenatal information. I teach both weekly classes and birth preparation weekend workshops.
Gentle Asanas, breath work and relaxation as well as discussing topics relevant to pregnancy and birth. The classes help parents to approach the birth of their child with calmness and confidence. Classes are held at the Evergreen Chiropractic and Wellness Centre in Letchworth. Tel: 01462 485444 or email: dawn.abbatt @


Doulabirth provides weekly Pregnancy Yoga and Relaxation classes to pregnant women throughout the local area. Sallyann, who is based in Hampton-in-Arden (Solihull), is a recognised Doula UK doula and is a trained Relaxed Birth and Parenting childbirth educator.
The classes are held @ The Meeting Room, Marsh Lane, Hampton in Arden, Solihull, B92 0AH. Sunday Evenings 7-9pm Booking Essential. T: 07986 757001
Sallyann has over 10 yrs experience working with pregnant women, and has 4 children of her own. FEDANT registered (12016)
Better Birthing
Birth is the ultimate feeling for a woman, and it should be a special event shared by those who support and love you. It is the meeting of your miracle, and a time to celebrate the life you nurtured and carried within. Better Birthing offers antenatal classes to suit your needs whatever they may be. Contact us to find out more on 07720 957 780

Confident Beginnings

We offer both small group and private antenatal classes covering pregnancy, birth and the early weeks of parenting. Our aim is to address each client's needs for birth and parenting preparation. There is no set curriculum, no boring lectures. Instead, our classes are responsive to clients' individual needs and provide a balance of experiential activities, evidenced-based information and practical skills. Clients leave our classes with a 'tool box' full of resources, knowledge and skills that enable confidence whatever their individual birth and parenting experiences bring. We also offer early pregnancy classes and women-only classes. On-going support is available for all clients at our weekly drop-in sessions as well as by telephone and email / internet.
More information is available at
Daisy Birthing™ (by Lazy Daisy™) is now available in the Colchester/Chelmsford area. Approved by FEDANT and completely unique in format, we combine active birth, breathing & hypnosis into weekly classes (starting from £9 weekly). We can make a difference to your birth experience. 1500+ mums have used us and recommend us! Email to find out more.
A Lamaze Birthing antenatal course will provide you with the understanding of the Lamaze six healthy birth practises, how to maintain a healthy pregnancy and plan for childbirth and life with a newborn.
You will learn all about healthy pregnancy, the physiology of labour and birth, your rights and choices, skills in active birth, pain management, baby’s first hour, breastfeeding and baby care for the first weeks… And much, much more..!
Extra courses are available to focus specifically on Twins, VBAC, Waterbirth and Homebirth and are available throughout the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire. Prices include handbook, learning materials, snacks and refreshments. 01788 576147

Annika Tavilampi

Annika Tavilampi is a specialist midwife in antenatal education and VBAC practising full-time in the NHS. She has a post-graduate qualification in clinical hypnosis, and does private hypnosis for childbirth and fertility. Please visit her blog Annika is a Mindful Mamma hypnobirthing practitioner in West London, the courses can be booked online at

Baby Beginnings North East

We offer a range of pregnancy services, from pregnancy massage to
ante-natal classes to ensure you are fully prepared for birth emotionally
and physically. As qualified antenatal teachers, we offer assistance
throughout your pregnancy, birth and early parenthood in a relaxed and
comforting environment.

Our range of specialties offered in Darlington & Teesside include:

- Lazy Daisy Birthing TM Ante-natal classes
- Lazy Daisy Baby Classes including baby massage and yoga
- Ante-natal workshops (for couples)
- Birthing Asssistant (Doula)
- Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology
- Dancing for Birth Classes

For more information and to view the class timetable please visit


Birth Circle, Brighton Antenatal Classes

These not-for-profit antenatal classes are led by a practicing midwife in Brighton, and are a complete childbirth preparation package. I adopt a friendly and holistic approch, covering all aspects on labour and birth , and incorporating the latest evidenced based information, with Hypnobirthing, massage, active birth, releasing fear, breastfeeding and the early days with your newborn. Contact Anouk Lloyd via anouk @ or 07904 208393


Organic Beginnings Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing classes - private as well as group sessions available, in all London areas, as well as Brighton & Hove and Lewes.
HypnoBirthing is a complete birth education programme for both you and your partner, based on the truth that childbirth is a natural, normal and healthy function, and therefore, can be experienced in a calm, gentle and relaxed, and with minimum discomfort.
The HypnoBirthing programme includes teaching techniques for deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, guided imagery and visualization, advanced breathing techniques, bonding with the pre-born baby and with your birth-companion, a special massage technique, as well as practical information. Gaining all this knowledge and techniques you will be able to relax and trust your natural birthing instincts, and the fact that the birthing experience can be comfortable and natural, free of stress and unnecessary intervention. 
Maya Zack (DHyp,MBSCH) W: E: maya @ T: 07737 863 673

Relax for Birth Hypnobirthing

Relax for Birth Hypnobirthing is run by Wendy Wood an experienced Midwife and Hypnobirthing Teacher.
Relax for Birth provides one-to-oneand group Hypnobirthing sessions for pregnant couples in Surrey and Hampshire. Classes are designed topromote relaxation during pregnancyand childbirth. Hypnobirthing teaches women through easy-to-learn self hypnosis techniques to enter deepstates of relaxation during pregnancy and birth, increasing the likelihood of shorter, more comfortable labours with less need for intervention or pain relief. The practice of Hypnobirthing – which is as much a philosophy as a set of techniques – gives women the tools and confidence to revisit the art of birthing naturally and instinctively. To find out more call Wendy on 07716 321477 or email: relaxforbirth @

All About Birth

All About Birth provides Natal Hypnotherapy (TM) Workshops and Private Sessions, Active Birth Workshops and individual birth preparation sessions based on your own specific birth journey journey across Surrey, Middlesex and West London. A positive birth experience is THE best start to parenthood. And with the right preparation, labour and birth can be a positive, empowering and rewarding experience for all of you. What is the right kind of birth preparation? It's one where you learn All About Birth...the physical, the emotional, the instinctual birth knowledge we all have, the physiology of birth, what helps or hinders labour, and how to use the incredible power of your own body and mind to your advantage! Every labour and birth is different, and whether this is your first or fifth baby, I look forward to meeting you on a workshop soon. Book online at or contact me on 07825 130765 or
I offer individual and small group antenatal classes, designed to help you make plans for a positive birth experience and to prepare for the practicalities of caring for your new baby. I am based on the edge of Wolverhampton on the West Midlands/South Staffs. Border. In addition to classes for local parents, I offer pregnancy support by phone, as well as specialist antenatal packages for visually-impaired mums. Web site: Email: Telephone: 07776 444738


BabyPrep is a company run by Katie Hilton, an experienced Midwife and Mum! As a mum Katie understand the worries and concerns most parents experience during pregnancy and beyond and decided to utilise her experience as a Mum and Midwife to help educate other parents. Katie provides Group and Private Antenatal Classes in Stafford, Stoke on Trent and Newport as well as Antenatal in a Day at a luxurious 4* hotel in Stafford all in a informal, friendly and interactive environment. Katie also offers her services for Feeding and Postnatal Support and regularly holds Mummy Workshops and Baby & Toddler First Aid Classes in Stafford and Stoke on Trent. Find out more at or email me at or call on 01785 850676!

Nurtured Beginnings - North Yorkshire

Hypnobirthing courses In and around North Yorkshire The Nurtured Beginnings Hypnobirthingcourses take place over 5 sessions, either week by week classes or over weekends, in couples own homes of in relaxing group settings. The final session always takes place as a one to one session in the couples own home either a month before their baby is expected to arrive or at a point when the couple feels an additional boost would be beneficial. The courseprovides a positive ante natal preparation geared towards empowering your mindto have confidence in your body’s innate ability to birth naturally will minimum pain and discomfort. You’ll be provided with a tool box of techniques to help during labour and birth including optimal breathing exercises, self hypnosis, different methods of massage, affirmations and visualisation exercises. Fear release exercises are used to deal with any anxieties taken onby the negative birth stories or images that are all too often shared, and eliminate these to ensure the mind is in a healthy positive state, allowing the birthing muscles of the body to work in harmony for a shorted more comfortable birth. Birthing partners also feel confident and reassured of their role, knowinghow to tune into the birthing mother and what practical measures they can take to really help. Go to to find out more. Or call on Cathy on 07736 325871.
Pear Tree Family Support c.i.c. is a social enterprise that was set up to offer opportunities for expectant and new parents to find information and support in and around Swansea. We offer antenatal classes and workshopspregnancy social eveningsparent and baby groups and new baby support sessions run by our practitioners, who are all well-qualified, trusted and experienced. We also offer qualified doula services. 
As a social enterprise we use our income to fund more of the work that we do and to support families otherwise unable to access non-NHS services. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for expectant women, couples and new families to access independent, unbiased and trusted community support, friendship and information; facilitated by trained practitioners. 
W:     E:       T:  07955 076969

Sam Bounds Doula

Come along and join us at our positive birth group based in Kintbury. We are part of The Positive Birth Movement and we offer a warm, welcoming and friendly environment for couples expecting a baby or for those with new additions. Our aim is to promote a sense of positivity around birth and new parenthood by offering peer support and information on a wide range of subjects. We also invite along other birth professionals to share their experiences of birth and beyond and answer any questions you may have. This group is free to attend plus you get tea and cake

For more information contact Sam on 07800 645 987 or

babycalm logo
BabyCalm antenatal workshops are designed to introduce parents to be to reasons that babies are commonly unsettled, including an explanation to baby colic and the common reasons why babies cry, helping them to understand their baby before they are even born!
Dads are actively encouraged to attend this 3 hour workshop, we focus heavily on the importance of fathers and roles that dads may play to support the mother and bond with their baby.
Other courses include baby calming parenting 4 week course, crying and colic workshop, baby led weaning workshop and baby wearing workshop.
BabyCalm have qualified teachers throughout the UK, Ireland and also in parts of Europe and New Zealand.
For more information on classes in Southam/Leamington Spa areas contact / 07850 483915
For other locations go to
natural babies small

The courses and workshops run by Natural Babies are designed for mums, couples and baby once they have arrived supporting your journey as new parents. We will give you the knowledge, confidence and empowerment enabling you to make the right decisions for you and your expected or new arrival. The courses we run include Daisy Birthing Pregnancy and Birthing Classes, Couples workshops, BabyNatal Parenting Courses, Daisy Baby Massage and Yoga as well as Doula services.

Contact Carly on 07554 395289, email or visit for more information.