5th Annual Waterbirth Photo Competition 2014

It's the 5th year of our annual competition and we are excited to see more amazing images of women, their supporters and babies using water for relief of labor pain. The competition is open to entries from across the globe.


The purpose of the competition is to share images of waterbirth that educate and inspire women, their families, supporters and health professionals.


You can win:

  • 1st Prize: US$500
  • 2nd Prize: US$200
  • 3rd Prize: US$120 

Or local currency equivalent.

Judging Criteria

The 20 photos with the largest number of votes received during Initial Public Voting, will be forwarded to the judges.

The judges will choose a shortlist of 5 images from these 20 that they feel best convey the elation, beauty, power and calm of labor and birth in water.

Final Public Voting will determine the final winners.

Timetable times GMT - EST+5, PST+8

Event Date & Time
Open for Entry & Initial Public Voting 14 January 2014 1200
Deadline for Submissions 4 February 2014 1200
Initial Public Voting closes 11 February 2014 1200
Judges Shortlist of 5 announced 18 February 2014 1200
Final Public Voting opens 18 February 2014 1200
Final Public Voting closes 4 March 2014 1200
Winners announced 4 March 2014 1300

Prizes will be awarded to the entries that have the most votes from the Top 5 shortlisted by the Judges.

Criteria for Entry

  • You are the owner of the images and have the right to use them
  • Maximum 2 photos per birth can be entered
  • Image minimum dimensions 640 x 480 pixels
  • Image maximum file size 24MB
  • File format JPEG (.jpg) only
  • Images have no watermark
  • You are not an employee of The Good Birth Company
  • The photos have not entered into the competition in any previous year

Process for sending in entries

Upload your entries using the Select Picture button at the bottom of this page, or on the Upload Here item on the menu on the left

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your image within 3 days,

You will receive another email when Initial Public Voting is open, unless it has already started.

 If you do not receive either of these email confirmations within 7 days of their scheduled arrival, please email info@thegoodbirth.co.uk after checking your Junk or Spam folders


  • By submitting photos to The Good Birth Company, you agree that:
  1. You are the owner of the images and you are free to use them for any purpose as you wish, and
  2. You grant to The Good Birth Company until 1/Dec/2017 a non-exclusive licence to publish the images in any media or format it chooses and to grant sub-licences, and
  • The Good Birth Company commits that it will not alter the images with the exception of cropping or resizing them to fit a publishing format, and that we will only use them to promote awareness about waterbirth, the company and its products.

Delivery of Prizes

Prize winners will be contacted by the 7th of March 2014 by email to arrange delivery of prizes. Prizes will be delivered in US$ or local currency equivalent at discretion of The Good Birth Company via PayPal, Amazon vouchers or other methods depending on location of winners.

About the Judges

Barbara Harper, RN is a pioneer in the field of waterbirth, both as a an author and leader of professional workshops in waterbirth credentialling in hospitals across the USA and around the world. Barbara is the author ofGentle Birth Choices and appears regularly on radio and TV as a proponent of women's rights around birth. Barbara is mother of 3, with 2 born in water. Her website is at Waterbirth.org.


Amy Maclean is an Antenatal Teacher for the NCT, mother of 4 boys and Founder of The Good Birth Company, whose mission is to make waterbirth available to all women. Amy is author of a children's picture book about a forthcoming home water birth - Our Water Baby. Amy has had 3 fabulous home water births.

Virginia Howes, RN,RM,BSc(HONS) an independent Midwife since 2000, she is a Board Member of Independent Midwives IM UK who work tirelessly so that women can receive a gold standard of midwifery care.  Virginia has recently taken part in HOME DELIVERY the ITV programme showing independent midwifery and home birth. She has recently published her book - The Baby's Coming: A Story of Dedication by an Independent Midwife. Her website is at kentmidwiferypractice.co.uk

Waterbirth Photo Competition

Criteria for Entry
  • Image minimum dimensions 640 x 480 pixels
  • Image maximum file size 24MB
  • File format JPEG (.jpg) only

Please select a picture to upload.